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Bibliography of Works by Caterina Edwards


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The Lion’s Mouth. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1982.

_____. New Edition. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1993.

La Gueule du lion. (Fr. trans. Jocelyne DoRay) Montreal: Editions Balzac, 1999.

Homeground (a play). Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1990.

Whiter Shade of Pale / Becoming Emma (two novellas). Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1992.

Island of the Nightingales (short stories). Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2000.

Finding Rosa: A Mother with Alzheimer's, a Daughter in Search of a Past: Vancouver: Greystone Books, 2008.

Edited Books

Eating Apples: Knowing Women’s Lives. Edited with Kay Stewart. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1994.

Wrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming Their Lives. Edited with Kay Stewart. Red Deer: Red Deer College Press, 2000.

Short Stories by Caterina Edwards

"The Last Young Man," Journal of Canadian Fiction II, 2 (Spring, 1973), 25-28.

"All Life from the Sea," Branching Out (March/April, 1974).

"Everlasting Life," Getting Here. Ed. Rudy Wiebe. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1977.

"Full Moon," The Story So Far 5. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1978.

"Frost King," Dandelion VII, 2 (1980).

"Island of the Nightingales," More Stories form Western Canada. Eds. Rudy Wiebe & Aritha van Herk. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1980.

_____. Italian Canadian Voices: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose. Ed. Caroline M. DiGiovanni. Oakville: Mosaic Press, 1984.

"Quirks and Quarks," Double Bond. Saskatoon: Fifth House, 1985.

"Prima Vera," Alberta Bound. Ed. Fred Stenson. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1986.

_____. Ricordi: Things Remembered. Ed. C.D. Minni. Montreal: Guernica, 1989.

"Master of Arts," The Best of Alberta. Eds. Tom Radford & Harry Savage. Edmonton: Hurtig Publishing, 1987.

"Backwater," Il Caffe: International Journal of Italian Experience. VII, 1 (March/April, 1987).

_____. The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Writing. Ed. J. Pivato. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 1998.

"Stella’s Night," Alberta ReBound. Ed. Aritha van Herk. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1990.

_____. Pillars of Lace: The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Women Writers. Ed. M. De Franceschi. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 1998.

"Home and Away," Other Voices 5, 1 (Spring, 1992).

"On a Platter," Boundless Alberta. Ed. Aritha van Herk. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1993.

"Loving Italian," The Toronto Review of Contemporary Writing Abroad 16, 3 (Summer, 1998).

Chapters 9, 10 & 15 of The Lion’s Mouth in Pillars of Lace, op. cit.

A number of stories were broadcast on regional and national radio.

Essays by Caterina Edwards

"A Playwright’s Experience," Writers in Transition. Eds. C. D. Minni & Anna Foschi Ciampolini. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1990.

"Discovering Voice: The Second Generation Finds Its Place," Italian Canadiana II (Spring 1996).

"Sublimation and Satisfaction: the Pains and Pleasures of the Autobiographical Impulse in Italian-Canadian Writing," The Canadian Vision. Eds. Alessandro Anastasi, Giovanni Bonanno & Rosalba Rizzo. Messina: Edizioni Officina Grafica, 1996.

"Care Calling Care," Eating Apples: Knowing Women’s Lives. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1996.

"From Sea to C Minus," Memoria e Sogno: Quale Canada Domani? Eds. Giulio Marra, Anne De Vaucher & Alessandro Gebbia. Venice: Supernova, 1996.

"Where the Heart Is," True North: Canadian Essays for Composition. Ed. Janice Macdonald. Don Mills: Addison-Wesley, 1999.

"Under My Skin," Going Some Place: Anthology of Creative Non-Fiction. Ed. Lynn Van Luven. Regina: Coteau Books, 2000.

"Where the Heart Is," Palinsesti Culturali: Gli apporti delle immigrazioni alla letteratura del Canada. Eds. Anna Pia De Luca, J.P. Dufiet, A. Ferraro. Udine: Forum, 1999.

"Arrangiarsi or The Zucchini Blossom Blues," in Italian-Canadians at Table. eds. Loretta Gatto-White & Delia De Santis. Toronto: Guernica, 2013.

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