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Bibliography for Darlene Madott


WINNERS AND LOSERS, Guernica Editions, © 2023 Darlene Madott and Guernica Editions Inc., ISBN 9781771837675

DYING TIMES, Exile Editions, © Darlene Madott, 2021, ISBN 9781550969504

MAKING OLIVES AND OTHER FAMILY SECRETS (RIPASSO), Copyright © Darlene Madott, spring, 2014, Longbridge Books, ISBN 978-1-928065-00-5

STATIONS OF THE HEART, Exile Editions, 2012, ISBN 978-1-55096-262-8, Copyright © Darlene Madott, 2012

MAKING OLIVES AND OTHER FAMILY SECRETS, Longbridge Books, 2008, ISBN 978-0-9730581-8-5, Copyright © Darlene Madott, 2012

JOY, JOY, WHY DO I SING? Women’s Press, an imprint of Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc., 2004, ISBN 0-88961-440-7, Copyright © Darlene Madott, 2004

MAZILLI’S SHOES, Guernica, 1999, ISBN 1-55071-097-4, Copyright © 1997 Darlene Madott, Indian Grove Productions Ltd., and Guernica Editions Inc.

BOTTLED ROSES, Oberon Press, 1985, ISBN 0 88750 568 6 (hardcover), ISBN 0 88750 569 4 (softcover), Copyright © Darlene Madott, 1985

SONG AND SILENCE, Borealis Press, 1977 ISBN 0-919594-76-X, Copyright © Darlene Madott, 1977

Anthologies and Periodicals (most recent to oldest)

“The Window”, and “Don’t Walk Barefoot,” THIS WILL ONLY TAKE A MINUTE (100 CANADIAN FLASHES, ed. Bruce Meyer & Michael Mirolla © 2022 The Editors, the Contributors and Guernica Editions Inc., ISBN 9781771837514

“Newton’s Law,” Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology  -- Book Nine, Exile Editions, © Darlene Madott and Exile Editions, 2021, ISBN 978-1-55096-913-9

“Winners and Losers,” EXILE: The Literary Quarterly, Volume 42 No. 2, 2019

“Winners and Losers,” Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology – Book Seven, Exile Editions, 2017, ISBN 978-1-55096-725-8

“Il custode,” and “Telefonia,” translated into the Italian from Joy, Joy, Why Do I Sing (2004), A Filo Doppio, Un’antologia di scritture calabro-canadesi, ed. Francesco Loriggio e Vito Teti, dell’Universita della Calabria, © Donzelli editore, 2017

“The Florentine Portrait, (First Love and Other Firsts)” and “Sei Brava: (On the Courage to Create),” in EXPLORING VOICE, Italian Canadian Female Writers, Special Issue of Italian Canadiana, Volume 30 (2016), Frank Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies, University of Toronto.

“Touching Calabria (A Short Story in Little Time)”, Accenti Magazine, also a prize winner of the Accenti short-fiction competition, September, 2014 issue

“Sunday in Woodbridge,” “Making Her Garden Grow,” “Touching Calabria (A Short Story in Little Time),” CONSPICUOUS ACCENTS: Accenti Magazine’s Finest Stories of the First 10 Years, ed. Licia Canton, Longbridge Books, 2014

“Making Olives and Other Family Secrets” (excerpts), “Cicoria”, and “Fever Food”, ITALIAN CANADIANS AT TABLE: a Narrative Feast in Five Courses, Ed. Loretta Gatto-White & Delia De Santis, Guernica Editions, ISBN 978-1-55071675-7, 2013

“My House of Many Rooms,” Unbraiding the short story, ed. Maurice A. Lee, ©2014, Create Space, Charleston SC, ISBN 13:978-1497593992

“The Question,” 37 The Legal Studies Forum, 19-47, West Virginia University, 2013

“Cape Cod”, “First Gifts”, “This Precious Crumb”, Canadian Imprints: An Anthology of Prose and Poems by members of the Writers and Editors Network, © participating authors, ISBN 978-0-9813340-1-1

“Waiting,” Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology Series – Book Two, Exile Editions, 2012

“Powerful Novena of Childlike Confidence,” BRAVO! A Selection of Prose and Poetry by Italian Canadian Writers, ed. Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni, Quattro Books, 2012, ISBN 978-1-926802-88-6, Copyright © Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni, 2012

“Powerful Novena of Childlike Confidence,” Sweet Lemons 1, International Writings with a Sicilian Accent, Eds. Venera Fazio and Delia De Santis, © 2010 Legals, ISBN 1-881901-76-9

“Afternoon in a Garden of the Palazzo Barberini”, Reflections on Culture: An Anthology of Creative and Critical Writing, © 2010 The Frank Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies, ISBN 978-0-7727-8960-0,

“Entering Sicily,” DESCANT, Sicily, Land of Forgotten Dreams, Descant 154, Fall 2011, ISSN 0382-909-X

“Writer and Lawyer,” The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Writing. Ed. Joseph Pivato. Toronto: Guernica Editions. 1998. ISBN 1-55071-069-9

“Excerpt from Mazilli’s Shoes, ” PILLARS OF LACE, The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Women Writers, Ed. Marisa De Franceschi, Guernica Editions, 1998, ISBN 1- 55071- 055-9, Copyright © The Editor, the Authors, The Translators, and Guernica Editions Inc., 1998

“Travel Stories,” EXILE, The Literary Quarterly, ©2007, Excelsior Publishing, Inc., Spring Issue, ISSN 0380-6596

“Bottled Roses,” CURAGGIA, Writing by Women of Italian Descent, Copyright 1998 The Editors: Nzula Angelina Ciatu, Domenica Dileo & Gabriella Micallef
Individual pieces copyright © 1998 the authors

“Bottled Roses,” AURORA New Canadian Writing 1978, Copyright © 1978 by Doubleday Canada Limited

“The Namesake,” Canadian Ethnic Studies, Special Issue ETHNICITY AND CANADIAN LITERATURE, Vol. X1V, NO. 1, 1982, Copyright @1982 by CANADIAN ETHNIC STUDIES

“Passengers”, Event, Journal of the contemporary arts. volume 8/number 1, 1979, published under Darlene Madott.

“Family Sacraments”, Event Journal of the contemporary arts, volume 11/number 2, 1982, published under pseudonym, Nicole Leone.

“Letter to a Friend” Antigonish Review, Number 31, Autumn 1977, © the contributors.

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