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Bibliography for Emma Pivato


And along came Alexis: Memoir. Toronto: Guernica Editions, Miroland, 2021. ISBN 9781771836784

Different Hopes, Different Dreams: A Collection of Stories by Families of Children with Mental Disabilities. Edited by Emma Pivato. Edmonton: Academic Printing and Publishing, 1984. ISBN 0-920980-08-2

Different Hopes, Different Dreams: Stories about the impact of children with mental disabilities on family life. Second edition, ed. Emma Pivato. Edmonton: Academic Printing and Publishing, 1990. ISBN 0-920980-44-9

“What Is It To Be Human? A Case Study.” in People Places Passages: An Anthology of Canadian Writing. Eds. Giulia De Gaspari & Delia De Santis. Montreal: Longbridge Books, 2018.

 “The End of a Special Bond.” In Wrestling with the Angel. Eds. Caterina Edwards & Kay Stewart. Calgary: Red Deer Press. 2000.

“A Song for Alexis.” In Eating Apples: Knowing Women’s Lives. Eds. Caterina Edwards & Kay Stewart. Edmonton: NeWest Press. 1994.

“The Pro-Turkey Resistance Movement” a response to “The Turkey War.” by Joseph Pivato, all in Italian-Canadians At Table: A Narrative Feast in Five Courses. Eds. Loretta Gatto-White & Delia De Santis. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2013. 


All volumes in the Claire Burke Mystery series:

Blind Sight Solution. Book 1. Chicago: Cozy Cat Press, 2013.

The Crooked Knife. Book 2.  Cozy Cat Press, 2014.

Roscoe’s Revenge. Book 3. Cozy Cat Press, 2014.

Jessie Knows. Book 4. Cozy Cat Press, 2015.

Murder of Highway 2. Book 5. Cozy Cat Press, 2016.

Deadly Care. Book 6.  Cozy Cat Press, 2016.

Healthy Bodies Also Die. Book 7.  Cozy Cat Press, 2020.

Postpartum Death. Book 8. Cozy Cat Press, 2021.

When Justice Fails.  Book 9. Cozy Cat Press, 2021.

Academic Publications

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Pivato, E. and S. Chomicki, “The GRIT kids start school.” In Entourage, v.1, no.3, pp. 6-10.  1986.

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