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Bibliography of Works by Drew Hayden Taylor

Toronto at Dreamer’s Rock / Education Is Our Right. Calgary: Fifth House Publishers, 1990. (two one-act plays)

The Bootlegger Blues. Calgary: Fifth House Publishers, 1991. (comedy play)

Voices: Being Native In Canada.  Eds. Drew Hayden Taylor and Linda Jaine. Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan Press, 1992. (anthology)

Someday. Calgary: Fifth House Publishers, 1993. (play)

Funny, You Don’t Look Like One. Penticton: Theytus Press, 1996. (humourous essays)

Only Drunks And Children Tell The Truth. Vancouver: Talon Books, 1998. (play)

Fearless Warriors. Vancouver: Talon Books, 1998. (short stories)

The Baby Blues. Vancouver: Talon Books, 1999. (comedy)

Funny, You Don’t Look Like One Too/Two. Penticton: Theytus press, 1999. (humourous essays)

alterNATIVES. Vancouver: Talon Books, 2000. (play)

Girl Who Loved Her Horses / The Boy In The Treehouse. Vancouver: Talon Books, 2000. (two one-act plays)

The Buz’Gem Blues.Vancouver: Talon Books, 2002. (play)

Funny, You Don’t Look Like One/Two/Three. Penticton: Theytus Press, 2002. (third collection of humourous articles and essays)

Sucker Falls: a musical about demons of the forest and the soul. Toronto: Playwrights Guild of Canada, 2001.

Furious Observations of a Blue-eyed Ojibway: funny, you don't look like one two three. Penticton: Theytus Books, 2002.

Futile Observations of a Blue-eyed Ojibway: funny, you don’t look like one #4. Penticton: Theytus Books, 2004.

400 Kilometers. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2005.

Me Funny: a far-reaching exploration of the humor, wittiness and repartee dominant among the First Nations people of North America, as witnessed, experienced and created directly by themselves, and with the inclusion of outside but reputable sources necessarily familiar with the indigenous sense of humour as seen from an objective perspective. Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2005.

The Night Wanderer: a Native Gothic Novel. Toronto: Annick Press, 2007.

Me Sexy: An Exploration of Native Sex and Sexuality. Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2008.

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