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Bibliography of Works by Henry Kreisel


The Almost Meeting and Other Stories. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1981.

Another Country: Writings by and about Henry Kreisel, edited by Shirley Neuman. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1985.


The Rich Man. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1948. [London: Heinemann, 1952; Toronto: New Canadian Library, 1961, 1971; Toronto: Simon and Schuster, 1975.]

The Betrayal. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1964. [Toronto: New Canadian Library, 1971.]

Short Stories

The Rich Man by Henry Kreisel

"The Travelling Nude." Prism 1.1 (Fall 1959): 7-17. [Reprinted in: More Stories from Western Canada, edited by Rudy Wiebe and Aritha van Herk. Toronto: Macmillan, 1980. pp. 73-86; Henry Kreisel, "The Almost Meeting." pp. 107-20;

"Homecoming." Klanak Islands: A Collection of Short Stories. Vancouver: Klanak Press, 1959. pp. 7-15.

"Two Sisters in Geneva." Queen’s Quarterly, 67 (Spring 1960): 67-75. [Reprinted in: A Book of Canadian Stories, edited by Desmond Pacey. 2nd rev. ed.; Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1962. pp. 294-303; Modern Canadian Stories, edited by Giose Rimmanelli and Robert Ruberto. Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1966. pp. 262-70;

"Annerl." Prism 2.4 (Summer 1961): 35-40. [Reprinted in: Henry Kreisel, The Almost Meeting. pp. 81-88.]

"The Broken Globe." Literary Review 8.4 (Summer 1965): 484-95. [Reprinted in: The Best American Short Stories 1966, edited by Martha Foley and David Burnett. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1966. pp. 155-65.]

"An Anonymous Letter." In Wild Rose Country: Stories from Alberta, edited by David Carpenter. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1977. pp. 115-28. [Reprinted in: Henry Kreisel, The Almost Meeting. pp. 91-103.]

"Chassidic Song." Tamarack Review 75 (Fall 1978): 78-88. [Reprinted in: Henry Kreisel, The Almost Meeting. pp. 25-35.]

"Homecoming: A Memory of Europe after the Holocaust" [revised and extended from its earlier version in Klanak Islands]. In Henry Kreisel, The Almost Meeting. pp. 39-77.

"The Almost Meeting." In Henry Kreisel, The Almost Meeting. pp. 11-21.

"An Evening with Sholom Aleichem." Prism International 21.3 (April 1983): 7-18. [Reprinted in: Another Country. pp. 240-52.]

"To Visit Mother Rachel’s Grave." In Another Country. pp. 253-64.

Radio and Television Plays

He Who Sells His Shadow. Produced on CBC Wednesday Night Stage, September 1956; CBC Stage, 1960. Published: Another Country. pp. 206-39.

The Betrayal. Produced on CBC-TV Bob Hope Theatre, December 1965.

Personal Essays

"Diary of an Internment" [1940-41]. white pelican 4.3 (Summer 1974): 5-35. [Reprinted in: Another Country. pp. 18-44.]

"Problems of Writing in Canada" [mid-50s for CBC]. In Another Country. pp. 131-34.

"The "Newer" Canadians," Century 1867/1967, The Edmonton Journal, Week of February 13th, 1967, pp. 49-50.

"The West — still the unknown country," The Edmonton Journal, June 7, 1978, A5.

"Sheila Watson in Edmonton." In Figures in a Ground: Canadian Essays on Modern Literature Collected in Honor of Sheila Watson, edited by Diane Bessai and David Jackel. Saskatoon: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1978. pp. 4-6.

"Language and Identity: A Personal Essay." In Tradition-Integration- Rezeption, Symposium 1978, edited by Karin R. Gurttler and Herfried Scheer. Montreal: Universite de Montreal, 1978. pp. 105-14. [Extended version: published as "The "Ethnic" Writer in Canada." In NeWest Review 5.3 (November 1979): 7, 16, and 5, 4, (December 1979), 7, 14; rpt. In Identifications: Ethnicity and the Writer in Canada, edited by Jars Balan. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 1982. pp. 1-13. Another version: published as "Language and Identity: A Personal Essay." In Another Country. pp. 119-30.]

"Roy Daniells 1902-1979." Canadian Literature 81 (Summer 1979): 140-42.

"Has Anyone Here Heard of Marjorie Pickthall?: Discovering the Canadian Literary Landscape." Canadian Literature 100 (Spring 1984): 173-80. [Reprinted in: Another Country. pp. 109-18.]

Critical Essays

"Bad Lands Sculptor [the Work of Wilfred Hodgson]." 1957 Encyclo- pedia Year Book. [New York]: Grolier Society, 1957. pp. 35-37.

"The Arts — Useless — But Expensive." Bulletin of the Humanities Association of Canada (April 1958), 7-10.

"Joseph Conrad and the Dilemma of the Uprooted Man." Tamarack Review 7 (Spring 1958): 78-85.

"Introduction" to John Heath, Aphrodite [edited by Henry Kreisel]. Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1958. pp. 78-85.

"Literature as Language." English Teachers 2 (June 1962): 100-05.

"Are We neglecting Modern Writers?" English Teachers 4.2 (June 1964): 34-40.

"A Place of Liberty." CAUT Bulletin 13.1 (October 1964): 27-32.

"The Prairie: A State of Mind." Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, 6, series 4 (June 1968), 171-80. [Reprinted in: Contexts of Canadian Criticism, edited by Eli Mandel. Toronto: University of Toronto Press; Chicago, London: University of Chicago Press, 1971. pp. 254-66; Canadian Anthology, edited by Carl F. Klinck and Reginald E. Watters. Toronto: Gage, 1974. pp. 620-27]

"Summing Up." Crossing Frontiers: Papers in American and Canadian Western Literature, edited by Dick Harrison. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 1979. pp. 138-43. In Taking Stock: The Calgary Conference on the Canadian Novel, Edited by Charles Steele. Toronto: ECW Press, 1982. pp. 91-93; 142-44.

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