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Bibliography of Works by E.D. Blodgett


Take Away the Names. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1975.

Sounding. Edmonton: Tree Frog Press, 1977.

Beast Gate. Edmonton: NeWest Press, 1980.

Arché/Elegies. Edmonton: Longspoon Press, 1983.

Musical Offering. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1986.

Da Capo. NeWest Press, 1990.

Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano. Ottawa: Buschek Books, 1996.

Apostrophes II: through you I. University of Alberta Press, 1998.

Transfiguration. Trans. Jacques Brault. Editions du Noroit, 1998.

Apostrophes III: Alone Upon the Earth. Buschek Books, 1999.

Apostrophes IV: speaking you is holiness. University of Alberta Press, 2000.

Ark of Koans. University of Alberta Press, 2003.

Apostrophes V: never born except with the other. Buschek Books, 2003.

Apostrophes VI: open the grass. University of Alberta Press, 2004.

Elegy. University of Alberta Press, 2005.

Au Coeur du bois/In the heart of the wood. With Jacques Brault. Editions Lucie Lambert, 2005.

Particles of eternity. Buschek Books, 2005.

A Pirouette and Gone. Buschek Books, 2006.

Le Poéme invisible/The Invisible Poem. Editions du Noroit, 2008

Poems for a Small Park. Edmonton: AU Press, 2008.

Praha. Czech trans. AU Press, 2011.

Apostrophes VII: Sleep, You a Tree. University of Alberta Press, 2011.

Horizons. St. Boniface: Les Editions du Blé, 2016.

As if. University of Alberta Press, 2014.

Songs for Dead Children. University of Alberta Press, 2018.

Apostrophes VIII: nothing is but you and I. University of Alberta Press, 2019.

Literary Criticism

Configuration: Essays in the Canadian Literatures. ECW Press, 1982.

D.G. Jones and His Works. ECW Press, 1984.

Alice Munro. Twayne Publishers, 1988.

Problems of Literary Reception. Co-edited with A.G. Purdy. Research Institute for Comparative Literature, 1988.

Five-Part Invention: A History of Literary History in Canada. University of Toronto Press, 2003.

Literary Translations

The Love Songs of Carmina Burana. With Roy Arthur Swanson. N.Y. Garland Pub. 1987.

Romance of Flamenca. Garland Pub. 1995.

Speaking Flowers. trans. of Jacques Brault, Ce que dissent les Fleurs. Inkling Press, 2003.

At the bottom of the garden: accompaniment. trans. of J. Brault, Au fond du jardin. Buschek Books, 2001.

Speak Only of the Moon: A New Translation of Rumi. With Manijeh Mannani. Guernica Editions, 2015.

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