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Bibliography of Works by Dôre Michelut

Collections of Poems

Loyalty to the Hunt. under Dorina Michelutti. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1986.

Ouroboros: The Book That Ate Me. Montreal: Editions Trois, 1990.

Loyale à la chasse. Montreal: Editions Trois, 1994.

Edited by Dôre Michelut

Linked Alive: Sets of Renga. Montreal: Editions Trois, 1990.

Liens: Dôre Michelut, Anne-Marie Alonzo, Charles Douglas, Paul Savoie, Lee Maracle, Ayanna Black. Montreal: Editions Trois, 1990.

A Furlan Harvest: an anthology. Montreal: Editions Trois, 1993.

Works by Michelut included in Anthologies

"Coming to Terms with the Mother Tongue," in Writers in Transition. Ed. C. D. Minni & Anna Foschi. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1990. (This is an early version for the 1986 Italian-Canadian writers conference in Vancouver written under the name Dorina Michelutti).

"A Preliminary Outline," in Writers in Transition. 1990. Op. cit.

"About Flight," in Resurgent: New Writing by Women. Eds. Lou Robinson & Camille Norton. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1992.

"Coming to Terms with the Mother Tongue," in Collaborations in the Feminine: Writings on Women and Culture. Ed. Barbara Godard. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1994. (This is the final version which appeared in Tessera in 1989).

"Maggio 1988" and 20 poems in L’ Altra Storia: Antologia della letteratura Italo-Canadese. Ed. Francesco Loriggio. Vibo Valentia, Italia: Monteleone, 1998.

"Coming to Terms with the Mother Tongue," in The Anthology of Italian-Canadian Writing. Ed. Joseph Pivato. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 1998.

Works by Michelut in Literary Journals

"Il Lei: Third Person Polite," Periferia: rivista quadrimestrale di cultura. 34-36 (1989) 40-52. Also in Tessera 11 (1990).

"Scrittura creativa" Biblioteche Oggi. Italy, 1989.

"Coming to Terms with the Mother Tongue," Tessera 6 (1989), 63-71.

"A Parallel Universe." The Beijing Review 45, 14 (April 4, 2002).

"A Perfect Day." China Today 53, 5 (May, 2004).

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