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Bibliography of Works by George Woodcock

(Some earlier books were republished and often with a new introduction. The original publication year is given first)

The White Island, poems. Fortune Press, 1940.

The Centre Cannot Hold, poems. Rutledge, 1943.

The Writer and Politics: Essays. 1948. Black Rose Books, 1990.

Anarchy and Chaos. 1944.

The Incomparable Aphra. 1948.

Ravens and Prophets: journeys in BC, Alberta and S. Alaska. A. Wingate, 1952.

To the City of the Dead: an account of travels in Mexico. 1957.

Incas and Other Men: travels in the Andes. 1959.

Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements. 1962. Broadview Press, 2004.

Faces of India: A Travel Narrative. Faber & Faber, 1964.

The Crystal Spirit: A Study of George Orwell. 1966. Black Rose Books, 2005.

The Greeks in India.  Faber & Faber, 1966.

The Doukhobors. Oxford U.P., 1968 (with Ivan Avakumovic)

Hugh MacLennan. 1969.

The Hudson’s Bay Company. 1970.

Odysseus Ever Returning: Essays on Canadian Writing and Writers. McClelland & Stewart, 1970.

The Anarchist Prince: A Biographical Study of Peter Kropotkin. 1971. (with Ivan Avakumovic)  Peter Kropotkin: From Prince to Rebel. Black Rose Books, 1990.

Into Tibet: The Early British Explorers. 1971.

Victoria: A Photo-Essay. With Igeborge Woodcock.  Morriss Printing,1971.

Gandhi. Fontana Modern Masters, 1972.

Dawn and the Darkest Hour: A Study of Aldous Huxley. Faber & Faber,1972.

Rejection of Politics and Other Essays on Canada, Canadians, Anarchism and the World. New Press, 1972.

Herbert Read: The Stream and the Source. Faber & Faber, 1972.

Canada and the Canadians. Macmillan, 1973.

Who Killed the British Empire?:  An Inquest. 1974.

Amor de Cosmos: Journalist and Reformer. Oxford U.P.,1975.

Gabriel Dumont: The Metis Chief and His Lost World. Hurtig,1975. Broadview Press, 2003.

South Sea Journey. Faber & Faber,1976.

People of the Coast: The Indians of the Pacific Northwest.  1977.

The Anarchist Reader, editor. 1977.

Anima, or Swann Grown Old: A Cycle of Poems. Black Moss Press, 1977.

Two Plays. Talonbooks, 1977.

Thomas Merton Monk and Poet: A Critical Study. Douglas & McIntyre, 1978.

The World of Canadian Writing: Critiques and Recollections. 1980.

100 Great Canadians. 1980.

Confederation Betrayed! Harbour Publishing, 1981.

The Meeting of Time and Space: Regionalism in Canadian Literature. 1981.

Taking it to the Letter. 1981.

Orwell’s Message: 1984 & the Present. 1984.

Strange Bedfellows: The State and the Arts in Canada. Douglas & McIntyre, 1985.

The University of British Columbia: A Souvenir. 1986.

Northern Spring: The Flowering of Canadian Literature in English. 1981.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhom: A Biography. Black Rose Books, 1987.

Caves in the Desert: Travels in China. 1988.

The Purdy-Woodcock Letter: Selected Correspondence, 1964-1984.  1988.

William Godwin: A Biographical Study.  1946. Black Rose Books, 1989.

A Social History of Canada. Penguin, 1989.

Aphra Behn: The English Sappho. Black Rose Books, 1989.

Powers of Observation, 1989.

The Century that Made Us: Canada 1814-1914. Oxford U.P., 1989.

British Columbia: A History of the Province. Douglas & McIntyre, 1990.

Tolstoy at Yasnaya Polyana & Other Poems. 1991.

Anarchism and Anarchists: Essays. 1992.

The Cherry Tree on Cherry Street and Other Poems. 1994.

Marvellous Century: Archaic Man and the Awakening of Reason. Black Rose Books, 2005.

And  twenty original plays written for CBC Radio in the 1950s and 60s.


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