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Bibliography of Works by Pasquale Verdicchio


Moving Landscape. Montreal: Guernica, 1985.

Ipsissima Verba. Los Angeles: Parentheses, 1986.

A Critical Geography. Illus. Italo Scanga. San Diego: Parentheses Writing Series, 1989.

Nomadic Trajectory. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1990.

Isthmus. Los Angeles: Littoral Editions, 1991.

The Posthumous Poet: a suite for Pier Paolo Pasolini. Los Angeles: Jahbone Press, 1993.

Approaches to Absence. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 1994.

The House is Past: Poems 1978-1998. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2000.

La nave del mondo. Limited ed. Gnams Edizioni Artigianali Numerate. Porto dei Santi, Bologna: 2000.

Le Paysage qui bouge. Trans. and selected by Antonio D'Alfonso. Montreal : Éditions du Noiroît, 2000.


with Vangelisti, P. Foresta Ultra Naturam/ The Forest Beyond Nature: Homage To Emilio Villa. San Francisco: Red Hill Press, 1989.

Devils in Paradise: Writings on Post-emigrant Cultures. Toronto: Guernica, 1997. (essays)

Bound by Distance: Rethinking Nationalism Through the Italian Diaspora. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press,1997.

with D'Alfonso, Antonio. Duologue: On Culture and Identity. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 1998.


Ardizzi, Maria. Women and Lovers. Trans. Pasquale Verdicchio. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2000.

Caproni, Giorgio. The Wall of the Earth. Trans. and intro. by _____. Montreal: Guernica, 1992.

Depero, Fortunato. Futurism and Advertising.  Trans. and preface by _____. San Diego: Parentheses Writing Series, 1990.

Gramsci, Antonio. The Southern Question. Trans. intro. and annotated by Pasquale Verdicchio. Chicago: Bordighera, 1995.

Mangone, Francesco. Cosmogony of an Event. Trans. _____. San Diego: Parentheses, 1988.

Merini, Alda. A Rage of Love. Trans. _____. Toronto: Guernica, 1996.

Pasolini, Pier Paolo. A Desperate Vitality. Trans. _____. Parentheses Writing Series, 1996.

_____. The Savage Father. Trans. Pasquale Verdicchio. Toronto: Guernica, 1999.

Porta, Antonio. Passenger. Trans. and intro. by Pasquale Verdicchio. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1986.

_____. Passenger Selected Poems (1958-1979). 2nd ed. Trans. and new intro. by Pasquale Verdicchio.  Toronto : Guernica Editions, 2001.

_____. Salomè. Trans. and selections from La lotta e la vittoria del giardiniere contro il becchino _____. San Diego: Parentheses, 1996.

Vico, Giambattista. Tropes, Monsters, and Poetic Transformations. Trans. and intro. by _____. San Diego: Parentheses Writing Series, 1990.

Villa, Emilio. Seventeen Variations on Proposed Themes for a Pure Phonetic Ideology. Trans. and intro. _____. San Diego: Parentheses Writing Series: 1991.

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