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Selected Bibliography of Works by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco


Photo of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

We Are the Light Turning. Toronto: Missing Link Press, 1975.

We Are the Light Turning. (revised ed.) Birmingham, AB: Tunder City Press, 1976.

The Sad Facts. Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1977.

The Circular Dark. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1977.

Dancing in a House of Cards. Toronto: Three Trees Press, 1978.

Editor. Roman Candles: An Anthology of 17 Italo-Canadian Poets. Toronto: Hounslow Press, 1878.

A Burning Patience. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1978.

Dolce-Amaro. Alabama: Papavero Press, 1979, (limited edition).

The Tough Romance. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1979. Reprinted in Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1990.

A Straw Hat for Everything. Birmingham, AB: Angelstone Press, 1981.

Flying Deeper Into the Century. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1982.

Dark to Light: Reasons for Humanness. Vancouver: Intermedia, 1983.

Women We Never See Again. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1984.

Post-Sixties Nocturne. Fredericton: Goose Lane, 1985.

Virgin Science. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1986.

Les Amours difficiles. Trans. Frank Caucci. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1990. (The Tough Romance in French)

Living in Paradise. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2001.

The Honeymoon Wilderness. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2002.

The Dark Time of Angels. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2003.

Dead Men of the Fifties. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2004.

The Visible World. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2006.

Municipal Mind: Manifestos for the Creative City. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2007.

Poetry included in Anthologies

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Articles, Interviews and Essays

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