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Bibliography of Works by Dorothy Livesay


Green Pitcher. Toronto: Macmillan, 1928.

Signpost. Toronto: Macmillan, 1932.

Day and Night. Toronto: Ryerson, 1944.

Poems for People. Toronto: Ryerson, 1947.

Call My People Home. Ryerson Poetry Chapbooks 143. Toronto: Ryerson, 1950.

New Poems. Ed. Jay Macpherson. Toronto: Emblem, 1955.

Selected Poems of Dorothy Livesay [1926-1956]. Toronto: Ryerson, 1957.

The Colour of God’s Face. Vancouver: Unitarian Service Committee, 1964.

The Unquiet Bed. Illus. Roy Kiyooka. Toronto: Ryerson, 1967.

The Documentaries: Selected Longer Poems. Toronto: Ryerson, 1968.

Post - Operative Instructions. Kingston: Quarry, 1970.

Plainsongs. Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1969.

Disasters of the Sun. Broadsides of Canadian Poets 3. Burnaby, B.C.: Blackfish, 1971.

Plainsongs. Ext. ed. Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1971.

Collected Poems: The Two Seasons. Toronto: Mcgraw-Hill Ryerson, 1972.

Nine Poems of Farewell. Windsor, ON.: Black Moss, 1973.

Ice Age. Erin, Ont.: Porcépic, 1975.

Seagulls. Prince George, B.C.: n.p., 1975.

Winter Ascending. Caledonia Writing Series, Prince George, B.C.: Caledonia, 1977.

The Woman I Am: Best Loved Poems from One of Canada’s Best Loved Poets. Erin, ON.: Porcépic, 1977. and Guernica Editions, 1991.

The Phases of Love: Adolescence, 1925-1928. Poetry Flyers. Toronto: League of Canadian Poets, 1980.

The Raw Edges: Voices from Our Time. Winnipeg: Turnstone, 1981.

The Phases of Love. Toronto: Coach House, 1983.

Feeling the Worlds: New Poems. Fredericton: Goose Lane, 1984.

The Self-Completing Tree: Selected Poems. Victoria: Porcépic, 1986.

Awakenings. Victoria, B.C.: Published for the Hawthorne Soc. by Reference West, 1991.

Poetry Is Like Bread. Vancouver: Colophon, 1991.

Archive for Our Times: Previously Uncollected and Unpublished Poems of Dorothy Livesay. Ed. Dean J. Irvine. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp P, 1998.

Non-fiction Monographs

"Symbolism and the Metaphysical Tradition in Modern English Poetry." Diplôme d’Études Supérieures Thesis. Sorbonne, 1932.

Collected Poems of Raymond Knister. Toronto: Ryerson, 1949. (editor)

"Rhythm and Sound in Contemporary Canadian Poetry." M.A. Thesis. U of British Columbia, 1965. (as Dorothy Livesay Macnair)

40 Women Poets of Canada. Montreal: Ingluvin, 1971. (editor with Seymour Mayne)

Women’s Eye: 12 B.C. Poets. Foreword by Dorothy Livesay. Vancouver: Air, 1974. (editor)

Right Hand Left Hand. Erin, Ont.: Porcépic, 1977.

Journey With My Selves: A Memoir, 1909-1963. Vancouver: Douglas & Mcintyre, 1991.

Dorothy Livesay and the CBC: Early Texts for Radio. Ed. Paul Gerard Tiessen and Hildi Froese Tiessen. Waterloo, Ont.: Malcolm Lowry Review, 1994.

Selected Articles

"The Making of Jalna: A Reminiscence." Canadian Literature 23 (1965): 25-30.

"The Polished Lens: Poetic Techniques of Pratt and Klein." Canadian Literature 25 (1965): 33-42.

"The Sculpture of Poetry: On Louis Dudek." Canadian Literature 30 (1966): 26-35.

"Search for a Style: The Poetry of Milton Acorn." Canadian Literature 40 (1969): 33-42

"The Life of Isabella Valancy Crawford." The Crawford Symposium. Ed. Frank M. Tierney. Ottawa: U of Ottawa P, 1970. 5-10.

"The Documentary Poem: A Canadian Genre." Contexts of Canadian Criticism. Ed. Eli Mandel. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1971. 267-81.

"The Hunters Twain." Canadian Literature 55 (1973): 75-98.

"Tennyson’s Daughter or Wilderness Child? The Factual and the Literary Background of Isabella Valancy Crawford." Journal of Canadian Fiction 2.3 (1973): 161-67.

Woman’s Eye: 12 B.C. Poets. Vancouver: Air, 1974. (editor)

"Two Women Novelists of Canada ’s West." Review of National Literatures 7 (1976): 127-32.

"Crawford’s Stories." Canadian Literature 73 (1977): 103-05.

"‘My Craft and Sullen Art’: The Writers Speak." Atlantis 4.1 (1978): 143-63.

"Two Women Writers: Anglophone and Francophone." Language and Literature in Multicultural Contexts. Ed. Satendra Nandan and James A. Maraj. Suva, Fiji: Univ. of South Pacific, 1983. 234-239.

"Moving West: A Memoir." This Magazine Feb. 1989: 35-39.


A Winnipeg Childhood. Winnipeg: Peguis, 1973.

Beginnings. Expanded ed. of A Winnipeg Childhood. Winnipeg: Peguis, 1988.

The Husband: A Novella. Charlottetown, P.E.I.: Ragweed, 1990.

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