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References in Kreisel’s Essays, Stories and Novels

Chassidic also called Hasidic, see Hasidism

Conrad, Joseph (1857-1924) British novelist originally born in Poland who adopted English as his creative language. He wrote the novella, Heart of Darkness (1902).

doppelgänger; German term for double, literally double walker

Holocaust; burnt offering, wholesale sacrifice often by fire. From the Greek words, holo kauston. The terms "The Holocaust" now refers to the systematic extermination of millions of Jews and other Europeans by the Nazis during WWII. See links below:

Kafka, Franz (1883-1924); German language writer born in Prague, Bohemia (then belonging to Austria). He came from a middle-class Jewish family and wrote novellas about the alienation of modern man.

Klein, A. M. (1909-72) Canadian poet and novelist of Jewish background who worked in Montreal.

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